Benefits of vitamin supplements for alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Thiamine is a vital nutrient for your body’s energy metabolism and can prevent the development of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome during alcohol withdrawal. During alcohol detox, your treatment team will likely give you an oral multivitamin containing folic acid. Moreover, it is common for alcoholics to have depleted magnesium. Supplementing magnesium during alcohol detox can help improve some withdrawal symptoms.4 Magnesium helps your body absorb other vitamins, eases muscle aches and tension, and aids in sleep.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

Detoxing at home can be difficult, and in some cases, dangerous. In a medical setting, you’ll have access to medicine and detox vitamins to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and healthy meals to help your body begin the healing process. When the body breaks down protein you eat, it can use the amino acids to rebuild damaged cells and create neurotransmitters in the brain that help regulate drug cravings.

Individualized, evidence based treatment, to fit your needs.

The study shows that taking vitamin C as a vitamin supplement for alcohol treatment will reduce the deficiencies from alcohol abuse. Some vitamins come in more common forms like regular gel capsules or tablets to swallow, but some come in a different form. This means you place it under your tongue and let it dissolve on its own and absorb it into your blood. This is sometimes more effective in taking vitamins or drugs as it is more quickly absorbed into your blood.

best vitamins for recovering alcoholics

Although research is ongoing, there’s some evidence that milk thistle can help reduce the symptoms of cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis. If you’re working on reducing your drinking, milk thistle can be one way to protect your liver from the damaging effects of alcohol. In this post, we’ll discuss the relationship between alcohol and nutrition, plus 12 of the best supplements and vitamins for alcoholics in recovery. These include supplements for alcohol cravings, repairing your liver, and rebalancing your nervous system. Because alcohol depletes so many important nutrients from the body, the root causes of alcohol withdrawal symptoms are often nutrient deficiencies that have built up over time.

What vitamins help the liver recover from alcohol?

Many treatment protocols for AWS involve supportive care as the person withdraws to ease the discomfort of the symptoms. Therefore, long-term alcohol use leads to lower vitamins for recovering alcoholics nutrient consumption and can affect how the body uses this limited supply of nutrients. As a result, many individuals who misuse alcohol may become malnourished.

Despite its presence in marijuana, CBD itself does not cause an individual to feel high. If you can find a pure or reliable source of CBD, it might be worth trying as a supplement for alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol interferes with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Promising findings for certain B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc.

However, the most effective treatment for alcoholism with a success rate of more than 80% is inpatient alcohol rehab. Inpatient alcohol rehab is the best treatment method because it isolates people from alcohol, triggers, and other factors that cause addiction. An inpatient facility also cares for patients and makes sure their needs are being met. Inpatient facilities may also have amenities, medications, and therapy options.

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It eases inflammation and protects the thin layer that surrounds your brain cells, called the cell membrane. Canola, olive, safflower, sesame, and sunflower oils are good sources of healthy fats. Take our short alcohol quiz to learn where you fall on the drinking spectrum and if you might benefit from quitting or cutting back on alcohol.

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